Interactive E-cards and Mini-Games Created in Adobe Captivate

While developing my Captivate and Photoshop skills to design and create e-learning modules, I found that I could use them to entertain my family as well. This in turn has encouraged me to include some of the same creativity and whimsy in my e-learning creation.

Click on an image to view the e-card or mini-game.


Mom e-card cover

This quilt themed e-card was for my mother’s birthday.


Dad e-card cover

How would you tell your father that 7 lobster tails were being delivered for his birthday?


Captain e-card

One of my nephews loves Captain America. This interactive mini-game let him click through multiple scenarios that include audio and action graphics.


IronMan e-card

The other one loves Iron Man. Created first, this mini-game served as inspiration for the Captain America one.


Marvel game

I developed this mini-game as an example of a puzzle based, branching story game. My nephews loved seeing their name and faces pop up in the game as much as getting to help their favorite characters.

To play, enter your name as either “Nick” or “Joe”.

All images were used for educational or personal use only. All copyrights remain with the original owners.


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